Repair car paint scratches – we’ll return your car to showroom condition – guaranteed

Barz Plus Mobile Car Paint Repairs is an honest, hardworking company that repairs car paint scratches, repairs dented car bumpers, and fixes car paint damage. We want every customer to tell their friends – a great job is the cheapest form of advertising.

Paul Goddard, the director of Barz Plus Mobile Car Paint Repairs, has over 25 years’ experience in paint and panel repairs. He is a fully qualified spray painter, fully licensed to perform vehicle body repairs. He has worked in the industry since leaving school, and has developed an incredible breadth of experience and technique.

When we give a quote for a mobile car paint repair, it’s an honest quote, based on the time and materials involved in your job. There’s no secrets, either, you can see our technicians while they work, to see how much value you are getting! It’s convenient, the car paint damage or bumper dent is gone forever, and it costs you generally less than your excess.

Go Mobile – it’s convenient and you can keep your No Claim Bonus

Most people don’t get their car paint scratches and damage fixed, because they’d lose their no-claim bonus – and lose the car for a week. So it can end up costing twice the excess in reality.

However, the majority of our mobile car paint repair jobs are between $150 and $500. They’re done same day, so you can drive immediately afterwards.

When you look at it, our mobile car panel, paint and bumper repair service has absolutely no downside – it’s all good!

Our Guarantee

Barz Plus Mobile Car Paint Repairs won’t leave until you are completely satisfied – we guarantee that your car will be fixed, at a lower price, and the car paint repair will never fail you. We use quality paints and top-line tools, plus our tradesmen are fully qualified.

We are covered by extensive insurance, and our business is WorkCover compliant. Our technicians are all trained in proper environmental management, and follow a strict policy of customer satisfaction. And they are thoroughly trained in paint repair, dent removal, bumper repair and hail damage.

Best Paints and Materials for mobile car paint and panel damage repair

Any repair job is only as good as the paint used. Barz Plus Mobile Car Paint Repairs deliberately chooses the very best, long-lasting paints, and this means we can offer a long guarantee.

Have you got a dent or a scrape that you’d like repaired? Why not give us a call on 0418 110 392 and describe your damage – we can give you an approximate price, them come out and confirm it.

We work throughout:

Sydney Upper and Lower North Shore

Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Hills District

Northern Beaches

Call us now on 0418 110 392. It’s so convenient; you’d wonder why you left the dings and scratches so long.


Love your Prestige Car? Get the paint damage and bumper dents removed With Barz Mobile Service

Barz Plus Mobile Car Paint Repairs are experienced at European cars such as Porsche, Audi, BMW and Volvo. There are many prestige cars around the North Shore and Sydney, and they get paint and panel damage just as easily as other cars.

Barz have developed a number of technologies for handling the higher quality of prestige car paint repairs, as well as the special paints used in the manufacture.

Care for the car, Care for the Customer

Barz offer nothing but great service and a perfect paint repair job. We arrive when we agreed, and work quietly in the background, so you can get on with your day.

We also offer a professional cut and polish service that returns your car to a satisfying sheen – it’ll look ten times better after we’ve finished.

Have you got a dent or scrape that you’d like repaired? Why not give us a call on 0418 110 392 or fill out the contact form and describe your damage – we can give you an approximate price, them come out and confirm it.


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